Welcome to Buddhapadipa Temple

Visiting us

Throughout the year we welcome many schools and other groups to the peaceful setting of our Temple located in Wimbledon common area. Groups come for guided tours of our beautiful grounds and the Main Temple (with Buddha Statutes and mural paintings).

A typical visit would last up to 1 hour and can include introduction to the Temple (10 min), life of the Buddha and monastic life (20-30 min), short meditation (5-10 min) and finish with Q&A (15 min). We can explain some of the symbolism or anything else you would like to cover. The timing, however, is subject to change depending on circumstances.

Visiting hours for school & school visits are between 9-11am and 12-4 pm Monday to Friday. Special requirements outside of these times are acceptable under some exceptional circumstances and we will try to fit in with your needs. After your session with our teacher you could walk around in the garden. 


To book your visit please call our group visit department on 020 8971 9790 ext 2, if there is no answer, please e-mail to

School and Group Visiting


The Buddhapadipa Temple is a charity which solely depends on donation, thus your contributions by donation would be very much appreciated, cheque should be made payable to ‘The Buddhadadipa Temple Trust’, posted to the Temple’s  address or handed to the guide on the day.


Individual visit

The Temple’s grounds are open to everyone from 9.30 am until 6 pm during spring & summer, and from 9.30 am until 5 pm during autumn & winter. Booking is not required if you simply would like to walk around the grounds on your own. The Main Temple is open on the weekend or by appointment only. 


Visiting you

If you would like one of our teachers to visit your school or group please contact us for more details. 


Dressing code

Normal polite clothes are acceptable, top-tank, mini-skirts or shorts exposing tights are considered inappropriate.