The Background To The Temple

The Buddhapadipa Temple is a Buddhist centre. It is affiliated to the Royal Thai Embassy in London. It was officially inaugurated by their Majesties, the King and Queen of Thailand on the 1 August 1966, when it was at 99 Christchurch Rd, East Sheen, London  SW14.  Its aim and objects are to disseminate the teaching of the Buddha in the Theravada tradition. The Temple is open to all people regard less of race, creed, religion, nationality, age and sex.  In 1975, the Working-Committee in Bangkok decided to purchase the present premises formerly know as Barrogill, and the Temple moved to Wimbledon from East Sheen in November 1976.

The Uposatha Hall

The Uposatha Hall or the main temple was designed by Mr Praves Limparangsi, the first Architet of Fine Arts Deparment, Ministry of Education of Thailand in the Bangkok style of Four Directions (Chaturamuk). The foundation stone was laid by the Prime Minister of Thailand, General Kringsakdi Jamananda on the 2th of February 1979 (B.E.2522).
 The Thai Ambassador, His Excellency: Mr Pan Vannamedhi, supervised the construction of the building. After  three years, the building was completed and the inauguration ceremony was performed by Her Royal Highness Princess Kallayanivaddana, the elder sister of the King of Thailand, on the 30th of October 1982 (B.E.2525).

Buddha Image

Buddha Image The main Buddha image (the black Buddha made of bronze) was presented by the King of Thailand in 1966 (B.E.2509). The second Buddha image (the golden Buddha) was presented by the committee of the Foundation of Buddhist Temple in London, in Bangkok on the 28th of October (B.E.2525). The temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Keow) in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. It was brought to England on the 20th of June 1990 (B.E.2533). This Buddha image was presented by the  Buddhist devout ladies of Wat Boonsrimunikorn in Bangkok, Thailand, on the advice of the Venerable  Dr P Amara Thera one of the Dhammaduta monks in the United Kingdom.